Watch movie online Danny Deckchair (2003)

Danny Deckchair (2003)

Danny Deckchair (2003)
Danny Deckchair (2003) Danny Deckchair (2003) 5.8/10by 28 users
Quality: HD
Title:Danny Deckchair
Director: Jeff Balsmeyer.
Writer: -
Country : Australia.
Language: English,Polski.
Runtime:100 min.
Genre: Comedy, Romance.

 Production Company : -


Watch full movie online Danny Deckchair (2003) in HD quality. Movie Danny Deckchair (2003) was released in May 16, 2003 in genre Comedy. Movie Danny Deckchair (2003) is movie directed by Jeff Balsmeyer. and starring by Rhys Ifans. Movie Danny Deckchair (2003) tell story about Based on a true story, the tale of a cement truck driver named Danny, whose long awaited vacation is cancelled thanks to his scheming girlfriend, Trudy. Danny escapes his grim life in suburban Australia and blasts into the skies in a chair tied with helium balloons. A mighty thunderstorm blows him clean off the map, and spits him out far away over the lush green town of Clarence. In this new town, he rockets into the world of Glenda, the town's only parking cop. While the media back home becomes obsessed with the story of his disappearance, Danny gets to reinvent himself in this new town, and in his great adventure, he discovers a true soul mate in Glenda. Fate catches up with him eventually, as Danny's true identity is revealed and Trudy--now a tabloid celebrity--comes to the idyllic town to claim Danny and drag him back to Sydney. Danny, however, is a changed man; he's discovered what it means to be happy and has found a new self-worth.

Rhys Ifans

As Danny Morgan

Miranda Otto

As Glenda Lake

Justine Clarke

As Trudy Dunphy

Rhys Muldoon

As Sandy Upman

John Batchelor

As Pete

Alan Flower

As Ray Vitali

Julie Sobotta

As Kate (as Jules Sobotta)

Brian Langsworth

As Real Estate Agent

Steve Rassios

As Real Estate Agent (as Steven Rassios)

Madeleine James

As Real Estate Agent

Jane Ruggiero

As Donna

Gina Bortolin

As Helen Costas

Duncan Young

As Phil Stubbs

Garrie Scott

As Party Shop Assistant

Richard Johnson

As Passerby

Dina Gillespie

As Kaz

Rod Zuanic

As Bob

Ross Perrelli

As Young Bobby

Victoria Nucifora

As Young Lisa

Gyton Grantley

As Stuey

Amie McKenna

As Tina

Colin Angus

As Elderly Neighbour

Yanna Black

As Police Operator

Maeve Byrne

As Police Operator

Peter Eyers

As Police Operator

Victoria Karozis

As Police Officer

Paul Wilson

As Air Traffic Controller

Danny Nash

As Air Traffic Controller

Keith Agius

As Police Officer

Andrew Crabbe

As Reporter - Kevin

Richard Healy

As Reporter - Wiry

Sean McKenzie

As Reporter - Matt

Peter Cook

As Reporter - Troy

Anthony Phelan

As Jim Craig

Nadia Townsend

As Linda Craig

Alex Mann

As Sandra Craig

Maggie Dence

As Meredith Butcher

Frank Magree

As Sergeant Dave

Peter Fisher

As Fire Captain Robbo

Jack Carty

As UFO Teenager

Michelle Boyle

As Louella

Phillip Monoghan

As Fireman

Jane Beddows

As Regina Carter

Jasmina Singh

As Indian Sister

Rajpreet Singh

As Indian Sister

Paviterjeet Singh

As Indian Sister

Michelle Collins

As Checkout Lady

Lester Morris

As Mr. Potts

Shar Grover

As Bus Stop Woman

Jeanette Cronin

As Maggie Pike

Nick Holland

As In the Morning Presenter (as Nick Holland)

Marie Patane

As In the Morning Presenter

Stephen Holt

As Nobbie Furco

Angus King

As Darren Kehole

Simon Mills

As Old Codger

Tassa Behan

As Teenager

Karen Pang

As Sonya Tims

Kathryn Dagher

As Debby Lleyton

Michael Barnacoat

As Dick Lleyton

Martin Lewis

As Macadamia Ball Man

Rohan Seinor

As Macadamia Ball Man

Guy Leslie

As Brownie

Nino Alessi

As Wazza

Todd Hodgson

As Simo

Dane Carson

As Newsreader

Amanda Wenban

As Newsreader

Julia Zemiro

As Effusive Woman

Lloyd Thomas

As Reporter

Stephen Hobb

As Polesitter

Warwick Moss

As Wing Commander Matthews

Ken Porter

As Howard the Boss

Owen Buik

As Cement Man

David McCubbin

As News Director

Serge Cockburn

As Max Pike

William David Thompson

As John Purchie

Pam Singh

As Indian Mother

Leanna Brockenshire

As Aus 11 Receptionist (as Leanne Brockenshire)

Paul Eden

As Aus 11 Cameraman

Peter Franks

As Helicopter Pilot

Leon Fryer

As Reporter

Howard Baldwin

As Production / Executive Producer

Carol Hughes

As Production / Executive Producer

William J. Immerman

As Production / Executive Producer

Amber Naismith

As Production / Line Producer

Karen Elise Baldwin

As Production / Executive Producer

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